“If you prefer a gym that’s a glorified spa, look elsewhere. But if you want to train like a pro, then go where actual professionals work out. In the case of boxing, that’s Peter Welch’s Gym.

Hidden in a warehouse in Southie, it’s old-school, with real rings, real equipment, and real fighters leading each class. You’ll learn proper punching and evasive techniques while getting the best workout of your life.”

– Boston Magazine (in naming Peter Welch’s Gym Best of Boston)

Housed in a warehouse in South Boston, Peter Welch’s Gym has earned a reputation of being hands-on, no-nonsense, old school, a community center where world class fighters train alongside college students, moms, dads, and kids – all achieving extreme improvements in strength, speed, stamina, balance, agility, and (for many) weight loss.

Peter Welch’s Gym originally started out as a place for boxers to train. Over time, fitness enthusiasts became interested in our fighter training as a means to enhance their athletic endeavors and blue collar individuals saw the potential that this type of functional training brought to improving their job performance.

With a strong word of mouth, the gym begin to attract people of all ages and skill levels who were seeking a challenging, spirited and varied workout that got amazing results!

Peter Welch’s Gym is known for it’s friendly, welcoming, and highly-skilled staff. Every time members come to the gym, they experience Peter Welch’s Gym Three Cs: Coaching, Conditioning and Confidence in a community and friendly type environment.

We pride ourselves on being a neighborhood boxing facility that provides everyone a knockout workout.

  • Strength and Conditioning Room
  • Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms
  • Morning, Afternoon & Evening Fighter Conditioning Classes
  • 3 Boxing Rings
  • High End Audio & Video System
  • Fighter Strength Circuit Training
  • Boxing Instruction Program
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Peter Welch

Peter Welch, Owner Peter Welch’s Gym