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Yes, we run a popular program for boys and girls aged 8 -15 throughout the year. More Information.

Yes, we have locker rooms for both men and women. For those interested in storing their equipment at the gym we have rental lockers available for a small monthly fee.

We offer something for everybody – from people who simply enjoy variety and crave a mental and physical challenge, to recreational athletes looking to improve their performance, to professional fighters conducting a training camp. The gym membership is split 50/50 between men and women. You will find people of all ages, backgrounds and professions.

We sometimes see the timid look in a person’s eye. Little do they know that walking through our door was the biggest hurdle they had to overcome. It’s completely understandable that someone might be a bit intimidated. On that note, we have worked fervidly to foster an environment of friendly people who are here to support members.

Once you try out a class, you’ll find out that there is nothing to worry about. Boxing is our passion and although we train competitive fighters, the majority of our members don’t ever plan on competing in a boxing match.

We highly encourage you to see what we are all about and how we can benefit you. Call us at 617-269-4641 or fill out this short contact form. Before taking a class, students need to fill out a Medical Waiver form. You can complete a pdf form and bring with you to the Gym. Download form here.

We offer private and small-group training for gym members and non-members. Many of our members prefer more personalized attention to supplement Fighter Conditioning classes, so they participate in personal training, body-fat testing, nutritional consultations and more with our fitness professionals. Our latest addition is the 6-Week Training Camp. During this camp, the group meets three times per week spending the first half of their time in the weight room while the second half is done in our private studio. Participants love it because of the great results they are seeing.