UFC Fighter Conor McGregor at Peter Welch’s Gym

1/10/ 2015 UPDATE: Conor McGregor Photos from Community Event at Gym

Conor McGregor will be back at Peter Welch’s Gym TOMORROW (FRIDAY 1/9) for a closed UFC media event to promote his headline bout on the UFC Fight Night Boston card January 18th!

From 3:30 – 4 PM, ALL PARENTS WITH CHILDREN INVOLVED IN OUR BOXING PROGRAMS are encouraged to bring their kids out to see the future champ in his element as the final mental preparations begin ahead of next week’s showdown.

Following his time with the local youth, Conor will be doing a press conference that is **CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC**. We apologize for the limited accessibility to this event compared to prior visits from Conor McGregor. Please understand that this particular promotional day is operating on the terms of the media and the UFC, not Peter Welch’s Gym. If any changes to the agenda take place beforehand, we promise that you will get the news here first.

To properly understand just what an iconic athlete McGregor has become, watch the following video. If it doesn’t get you excited for next week’s UFC card right here in Boston, we don’t know what will!