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Peter Welch's Gym: Fighter Strength

The following video is a high-energy look at our Fighter Strength program from right in the middle of all the action! Fighter Strength is a circuit training system designed to improve overall strength, conditioning, and explosion for any type of athlete through a gauntlet of workouts derived from real fighters' training regiments. Everybody that you see crushing their workouts in this video are REAL Peter Welch's Gym members or professional fighters taking their fitness to the next level! If you see yourself or someone you know in the video, TAG them in the comments section. Most importantly though, WE want to see YOU in the Fighter Strength classes! For more information on Fighter Strength, or to sign up and see what all the hype is about, please: Contact the gym by CALLING (617) 269-4641 or Talk to anybody on the PWG staff while you are at the gym and they will be happy to assist you. **WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO BUSINESS, SCHEDULING, OR MEMBERSHIP INQUIRIES VIA SOCIAL MEDIA** The time is now for something new and exciting to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and reap the benefits. Take the challenge and sign up for Peter Welch's Gym Fighter Strength today! #PWGfighterstrength #Southie #PWGcommunity #Fitness #Strength #Boxing #Authentic #Results

Posted by Peter Welch's Gym on Friday, January 22, 2016

Fighter Strength is a set of workouts designed to train different systems in a professional fighters body. It is sport specific and was created to increase sustained explosive strength while keeping your weight down (as boxers need to increase strength without having to move up a weight class due to bulk).

Fighter Strength  is composed of 4 loops, each loop is located in its own room. Each loop consists of 4 stations.

4 Teams, composed of 4 people each, move through a loop together. This setup enables the Fighter Strength Circuit to accommodate 64 participants.

Fighter Strength Workout

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